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Young Professionals

Imagine a world where no one gave a second glance to the efforts of the young? We would become stagnate, and fall into a world without imagination. Sometimes you’ve got to take a chance on other people.

The Emotional Toll of Inventing

Inventing something can be an emotional process. Especially when taking a new product to market. The hurdles can be monumental, and you won’t always find cooperation in the areas you might have originally thought would be most supportive.

Listening, a Skill or a Talent?

I’ve been giving this issue a lot of thought recently, as it’s one that I feel I personally need to work on. I so often find myself coaching my son, “you really need to learn to listen.” All the while; though, I realize I actually need to practice what I preach.

Morloks and Eloi – Working Humans Are Becoming Two Distinct Species

Working humans are dividing into two distinct species. The gap will only increase over time. Will you board the right bus?

Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Start a Clothing Brand

Fashion is becoming a hugely popular way of starting your own business venture. Starting a successful clothing brand is not easy, but reading our tips will give you a good head start in the industry.

Taking Your Work From a Hobby to a Profession

There comes a time that every author or thought leader has to ask themselves if their work and their passion is a hobby or is it a profession. There are no right answers to this question. In some instances it’s a progression from one to the other; a passion becomes a hobby and you’ve found a way to market it and serve your clients.

Leadership Through Passion: Your Critical Key to Success in the New Economy

Find out what TRULY makes you stand out in a sea of competition? How do new prospects and existing clients relate to you? Why would they choose you over any and every other option out there? Leadership in your field and a true Passion for what you do will attract the right customer to you every time.

5 Signs That You’re An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is all about being able to turn a problem into an opportunity rather than a stumbling block. Life is full of challenges and an true entrepreneur will turn those into opportunities.

Planning for a Successful Business Launch

An hour or two invested in sketching out a ‘project plan’ for the launch of your new business will help you focus on the ‘really essential’ activities rather than the ‘really interesting’ ones and in doing so bring your actual cash flow forward by days or even weeks. This is as relevant to the opening of a corner shop as it is to the execution of a major infrastructure project. The differences are only those of scale and complication.

How to Become a Better You: Self-Improvement Tips for the Rising Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is already one step ahead in making his or her dreams a reality when one has the idea, the passion, the strategies and has taken the necessary actions to make this dream a reality. But then again, business is a continuous learning process. If you want to be successful, you have to strive not only to become better but to be the best, effectively and efficiently providing the best that you can offer.

Are Entrepreneurs More Susceptible To Depression?

Entrepreneurs are often thought of as eternal optimists, always pushing forward in the face of all obstacles and ignoring the concerns of others about the future of their enterprises. But the reality may well be that entrepreneurs are more susceptible to depression, loss of motivation, suicidal thoughts and other related mental health issues than those in the general population.

You Need a Dream Team

You decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge because you were passionate about your vision of what you could offer the world. It may have been inspiring others to live abundantly through life coaching services or assisting your fellow entrepreneur in reaching their goals through business coaching. Most likely it was NOT doing administrative tasks, technical work, internet marketing or any of the other multitude of back-office business tasks that must be done in any business! (Unless of course, you ARE in a virtual assistant!) So, you need to be able “summon to your aid” a team who can answer your questions and supply the knowledge you require.

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