6 Productivity Habits That Changed My Life


Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Vision?

Are you a clock punching person? If so how is that working for you? Do you have an entrepreneurial vision? What this is exactly is your vision that you have for yourself, is it to have more time, have more security, perhaps to travel, or looking for a retirement plan?

Amir Liberman: A Living Business Legend of Israel

Amir Liberman is a living business legend of Israel. He is working as the CEO of Nemesysco. His company is engaged in manufacturing fraud and lie detection machines.

The 7 Lifestyle Secrets Every Super-Successful Female Entrepreneur Knows

Do you feel like your body and your health don’t reflect the success and aspirations of your business? Do you want the energy, vitality and health to be your best in business and in life? So many female entrepreneurs neglect their health and wellbeing in the name of their business, but this could be sabotaging your success. Here are the 7 lifestyle secrets that every successful female entrepreneur knows.

Spiritually Conscious Business Owners, Stop Playing Hide and Seek With Your Abundance (Read: Money)!

Are you a spiritually conscious business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, practitioner, and have you struggled with the desire for success and abundance? Specifically, the desire to have more money? If you choose, your struggle can be over now. Today. Because you ARE a spiritually conscious business owner, because you ARE generous and good and kind, you are exactly what money needs! You are exactly the person money has been looking for all its life.

I’ve Turned Into One of Those

I’ve turned into one of those…a cheapskate! At the expense of perhaps making a fool of myself, I’m going to be totally transparent about a decision I made in my business, which has cost me money. As a business coach and mindset mentor, I help people think and play bigger, get more clients and make more money. I ask them to upgrade their life everyday, live it “as if” right now, buy the “best in class”.

How Entrepreneurs Can Neutralize an Angry Customer

One of the banes of business is that no matter how hard you try, there will always be customers you are unhappy. Sometimes their complaints are unfounded, while other times it seem that just have an axe to grind. What can you do to neutralize their angst?

Is No News Good News for Entrepreneurs?

It’s really quite remarkable when you think about it, but many entrepreneurs assume that customers are satisfied with their products or services if they don’t hear any complaints about them. And the metrics reflect that. One criterion might be, “No more than X complaints in a quarter.” But it that really an effective way to determine if your clients like you?

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Give Unique Customer Service

Much has been made of what is known as the unique selling proposition (USP). The idea here is that there is some combination of products or services that you provide which separate you from everyone else. For the most part, this is impossible. There are indeed only so many ways you can skin a cat. How can you create a USP?

5 Ways to Be Productive

One of the most important concerns entrepreneurs have is how to be more productive. Frequently, we are told that there are only so many hours in a day, which may account for the long work weeks that many of them put in. Each day we tell ourselves that there must be a better way, and yet at the end of the same day, we often find that we were still unable to accomplish all that we had hoped. Is there really a better way?

How to Apply for a UPC Number

Getting a UPC number can be confusing; for a company that is just starting up, knowing what level to purchase at can be a challenge. I will explain the process on how to apply for a UPC number.

Isn’t It Just Easier to Assume Everyone is Ignorant, Corrupt, or an Idiot? AKA Trust No One

It is often said that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. But what if you are running a company and you want everything done right? You can’t possibly do it all by yourself, there’s just too much to do.

My Top Three Time Management Strategies

I gave up on the concept of “time management” a long time ago and I decided that I needed to re-frame that in order for me to have the most productive days that I possibly could. I’ve re-framed by not calling it “time management” and I referred to it as “me” management because that’s really what we’re doing during the day. It’s figuring out how to manage ourselves in light of whatever else is going on so that we can remain the most productive we can be.

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