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Investing Made Simple – Tips by a Self Made Millionaire

Whether you are hoping to start a small business that needs funding, or you have an amazing idea for a company that could rival Bill Bartmann’s bad debt empire, finding a solid investor is essential if you require financial funding. Many business owners assume that they can simply waltz in and expect potential investors to fund them right away. In reality, without doing your homework, you will be in for a huge let down.

App Developer Debate: Free vs Paid Apps

Many aspiring app developers have great anxiety when it comes to pricing their apps. Some praise the benefits of developing free apps exclusively while others fail to see the benefit. If you find yourself debating whether to develop free apps, paid apps, or both, I have some advice that might help. I have experimented with both paid and free apps in my business and feel that I have arrived at the best possible solution.

8 Lessons Of Leadership For Network Marketers Learned From Nelson Mandela

Throughout his life, I followed Nelson Mandela from afar.. So much so, that I have learned quite a bit from him. I have learned so much from having all his books, including “Mandela’s Way – 15 Lessons of Life, Love and Courage, Conversations with Myself and A Long Walk To Freedom” In a recent interview he did with Time magazine, he talked about leadership and what being a leader is all about. So I wanted to share my thoughts and how it relates to Home Business Owners looking to build an organization. Let’s dive right in!

The Secret Within Think and Grow Rich

First published in 1937,Think and Grow Rich is responsible for a great deal of the success on the planet. It wasn’t the first book ever written on the topic, but it was the culmination of what had come before, and it helped consciousness make a shift. Much of what we say today about success has its genesis in Think and Grow Rich.

One Man’s Junk Creates Another Man’s Fortune – Similar Opportunities Exist Almost Everywhere

The Company Brian Scudamore founded is known today as 1-800-Got Junk. This Entrepreneur has created a business model where there had been none. Yes, there were people everywhere that would pick up junk. However, no one had seen the opportunity to standardize, professionalize and fully commercialize the hauling of unwanted stuff and turn this innocuous service into a national enterprise.

What You Can Learn From Product Launch Failures

If you’re launching a new product, studying product launch failures can help protect you from making the same kinds of mistakes. By analyzing the mistakes made by others — even big companies that should know better — you could increase your chances for success. This article discusses four notorious product failures that you can learn from.

Is Becoming An Entrepreneur For You?

Anybody can start a business, but being a small business owner is not for everybody. Each year more than half a million new businesses are created. But the risk of failure is high, with a large number of those closing during the first 12 months and many more not making it past the first 5 years. Starting a business is, without a doubt, a risk, but in many cases it can be very much worth it. Is it worth it for you?

Diversifying in Business

Through diversification, businesses, even the smallest ones, can find ways to grow and become more stable. If you want to grow and be successful in the ever changing business world, you’ll need to spread out your risks and provide new areas for income and growth.

8 Secrets for Reshaping Your Financial Health

In the quest to learn the millionaire secrets that allow you to live the life you have always wanted, there are many factors that affect your financial health. Our chances of success are based on our financial blueprint, which is the settings we all have that decides whether we will be rich or not-yet-rich. These settings are developed from childhood, but the good news is that they can be changed.

Don’t Ever Let Anyone Crush Your Spirit! The Business Owner Mindset Is What Will Define You!

Many of you have lived in the employee mindset most of your working life. What you really need to do is clear your minds, clean out your old ways, and transition to the business owner mindset. Make a conscious decision that you want to be a business owner.

How to Deal With Rejection – 5 Helpful Tips

Dealing with rejection is often a difficult task to tackle. Rejection comes in a variety of ways, and each often hurts just as much as the previous method of rejection. Just because someone doesn’t like the way we perform a task does not mean we are not good enough. In fact, we may just not see eye to eye, that doesn’t mean we are any less of individuals. Thankfully, there is always a new method for moving forward and correcting any previous mistakes that may have caused the potential rejection. Although rejections are no fun, it also helps us grow as human beings, which makes it that much easier to succeed the second time around.

Business Success Hypnosis Can Help You to Become the Best Boss You Ever Had

There is nothing more liberating than having your own business, you will be your own boss and you will not have to answer to anybody. Anyone can start a business but keeping it can be quite the task, especially in this economy. A great way to make sure your business stays afloat is to listen to a business success hypnosis mp3. This album is designed to help you obtain an ideal frame of mind for running a business.

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