5 Steps To Building An Online Business That Earns $10,000+ A Month, From An Entrepreneur Who Did It


3 Questions to Ask Before Closing Your Business

Have you ever had a business that you felt inclined to close? Are you currently considering closing the doors to your business? Does the thought of it all give you anxiety? Do you wonder what to do next? You are not alone. Countless other entrepreneurs, including myself, have had those same feelings.

5 Tips For Becoming a Financially Secure Entrepreneur

Recently I was asked to answer a few questions for a feature in a magazine. One of the questions gave me an opportunity to give what in my opinion was a pretty rockstar response. After responding I read my answer and immediately knew I had to share with my blog readers. The interview will also have more tips I provided for living a pretty darn incredible life. In the meantime enjoy these tips for financial success as an entrepreneur.

5 Ways to Build a Legacy Instead of a Hustle

I don’t want to create a hustle; I want to create a legacy. What’s the difference you ask? A hustle is something you do to get money quickly.

3 Essential Disciplines Needed to Becoming a Success

Discipline can have a negative connotation, but in this article, I will discuss the following 3 disciplines that can bring success and ultimately freedom in your life: First, take time and make efforts towards self-improvement. Second, invest your time and money in knowledge. Thirdly, step back from being busy to gain perspective and make adjustments as needed – always keep your eye on the ball!

Responsible Entrepreneurship

Money is an emotional issue and we are emotional beings. Whether we give out money or we spend money on things that we end up giving to others we are generating one of the most powerful energies that the universe can give. This energy is reflected upon the giver and the receiver. Getting into the habit of giving has the power to set us free from the snares of greed and selfishness depriving us of opportunities to be happy and joyful. Giving is not restricted to material things, it can be anything of any kind. Those following this ancient practice are handsomely rewarded by the Creator and the universe.

4 Musts to Build Trust As A Leader

As business leaders and owners we can get caught up in the day to day business performance and output. It is a consent balance with market shifts, client care and managing the day to day operations of the business. These are all necessary aspects of business life. The key to growing a business successfully is to continually lay a strong foundation while you keep stretching the business into new segments of your market. This growth requires a strong team of loyal and focused people that understand the vision and direction of the business. As the business leader your perspective and trust building skills will be the catalyst to maximizing your team’s performance.

Keys To Being A Successful Entrepeneur

In my career I have heard many theories as to what drives successful entrepreneurs. Do they have this sixth sense that others lack? Is it genetic or are they wired for success? To start to get to the answer I would like to tell you a bit about my life. For my entire life I have been surrounded by entrepreneurs. My father and uncle began a successful home restoration company over 25 years ago and is still growing today. My brother built one of the most integrated auto service companies in his industry. Several of my close friends also run and prosper their own businesses from your traditional bricks and mortar businesses, to highly integrated e-business offering products and services of all nature. So what is the driving force behind myself and all these people? What makes entrepreneurs different from everyone else?

The Right Business Plan

Writing a business plan requires you understand your audience and what your audience is seeking in the plan. All plans fall under one of four categories. Each category emphasizes a certain aspect of the plan and what each target audience wants to see. Understanding this concept will help you connect with your audience and increase your chances of success with your plan.

Unemployment Rate – Why It’s Important to Look Past the Numbers of the Unemployment Rate

More than ever before people need a way to get ahead. Following record highs in the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 in September the markets experience a slide in October. That didn’t stop economists from proclaiming, “The American economy is back.” Based on news that the international monetary fund believes the United States will have one of the fastest-growing advanced economies in 2015.

Teach What You Know and Create a Thriving Side Hustle Business

The federal government has started a side hustle. What’s your other gig?

What Is Social Enterprise?

I found myself recently speaking with a lot of new people. One conversation stands out in particular, and it went a little like this: “So, what do you do?” “I am a social entrepreneur.

The Best Social Enterprise Ideas

Recently I met with the founder of a social enterprise. He reached out to me to discuss the upcoming re-launch of the organization’s website and the expansion of their work. The call from the other social entrepreneur made me wonder about other great organizations.

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