5 Business Ideas That Will Make You $400 Per Day


10 Bullet Point Options for Bootstrapping Your Small Business or Consumer Product Opportunity

Almost every small or micro-business, entrepreneur or inventor faces a harsh financial reality when starting out. They have little or no access to venture capital, financing or grant money. The funding source that is realistically available to them is family, friends and their own ability to bootstrap their business.

Consider the Menu of Services a Project Will Require Before Interviewing Professional Consultants

The Managing Consultant’s job is to provide their client with the best options for each item on the work product menu. You should expect the Consultant to provide these options and then detail why, if this were his business, he would choose option No. 2 over options No. 1 and 3. The Consultant works for the client and all final decisions are made by them.

All About Nurse Entrepreneurs

Registered nurses are changing their career direction from patient care to becoming nurse entrepreneurs. Nurses face the same challenges that are associated with starting your own business. Nurses can work as an independent contractor in a variety…

Creative Freedom Vs Sticking With the Plan

Does having a plan squelch your creativity? On one hand, I love to submerge myself in the creative muse.

Position Yourself As an Industry Expert – It Begins With Obsession

All the knowledge in the world will only make you a specialist. But care passionately about your industry, and you might become an expert.

A Moving Story – What Is Holding You Back From Potential Success?

This is a touching story about the power of developing a healthy entrepreneurial mindset. Recently, I received a phone call from a woman who has been part of my online community for several years and who had contacted me a year earlier as well. She had attended many of my free trainings and left appreciative comments on my blog.

7 Things Every New Entrepreneur Should Know

I’m that someone who’s been through the start-up stage twice in my life. I started a successful cleaning business, and a pretty successful personal finance blog.

11 Common Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Listed above are not characteristics most people walk into business with. Some people may have more because of their entrepreneurial spirit – but they can be learned.

5 Ways to Get More Done

Do you struggle to accomplish everything you intended to do each day? Do we get to the week with more to do than you did when you started? How does that make you feel?

As A Business Entrepreneur, You Must Supervise ALL Corners of Your Business

Have you ever heard that old saying that all mothers have eyes in the backs of their heads? Truthfully, when my daughters were growing up, they did believe that their Mother had eyes in the back of her head and also, additionally, that their Mother never went to bed. We all thought it was funny and a good way to keep our children in line at the time. Just as this saying applies to the children in our lives, this must be applied to your business endeavours – all knowing, all seeing at all times.

3 Journals Every Entrepreneur Needs (and Why)

There are many methods you can use to develop yourself and your business. One of the easiest ways is to keep a journal. For me this is a natural thing to do, because I love writing (on paper – the old fashioned way). In this article I will share 3 of my journals with you.

Incorporating Your Exit Strategy Into Your Business Plan

Have you ever considered why businesses close? There are many reasons, so you’ll want to write your exit strategy into your business plan to be prepared when meeting investors.

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