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Time OFF Your Business Is Just As Important As Time ON

You’ve heard about working on your business versus working in your business. I want to talk to you about not working on your business at all. That’s right, I want to address “time off.”

Mom and Pop Mentality – 10 Things Sure To Kill Your Business

You have build your business up from the ground up, almost single-handed. You have hired top talent to help you grow to the next level. Here are the top 10 things you can do to absolutely destroy your business.

An Inside Look at One of the Most Promising New Home Business Niches

Business opportunities are a dime a dozen, but when the recession hit, businesses across the country all of a sudden started looking for ways to cut costs. Most of them overlooked their recycling and waste streams, but that’s where some of the most money remains. Read on to learn about one of the most underutilized business opportunities available.

House Cleaning Business: What You Need to Know

Some of the most successful people in the world created businesses from nothing, supported by a mother who cleaned other people’s houses for a living. If you equate starting a house cleaning business with barely getting by, the people who run successful residential cleaning companies have some news for you.

The Executive Summary: Your First Impression

Your first and only chance to get your foot in the door with investors. Make sure each word counts and you avoid the common pitfalls in writing an effective executive summary.

Entrepreneurial Decisions in Starting a Business

What are some tips and tricks to launching your successful business venture from scratch? Where do you start when you begin to build your business? Full of ideas but lacking skill and training? We offer some advice for novice business owners and those wishing to start their business the right way.

Money Power and You

Money. It’s never a neutral topic, whether you have a lot of it, or a little. Whether you have healthy investments, or are heavily in debt, money, in our society holds an emotional charge. The reason isn’t really money itself, it’s what it means to the quality of our lives. As the saying goes, “money can’t buy you love”, but it touches everything you do love.

The Beginner’s Guide to Shipping Items Overseas

Whether you’re moving overseas permanently or planning a lengthy holiday, you may find that you need a helping hand with sending items abroad. Of course, you’ll be able to take a certain amount of hand luggage with you, and you’ll have a baggage allowance – but depending on the nature of your trip, this may not be sufficient. Of course, the economic upheaval of the last few years has left many with the distinct impression that their future lies elsewhere, and so they’ve chosen to seek alternative employment opportunities in other countries.

Negotiating a Deal to Sell a Company – Why You Need Professional Help

Negotiating a deal to sell a company has its own jargon and peculiar issues. There is only one chance to get it right! This article explore some of the issues involved.

Selling Your Company – Should You Approach A Competitor?

Entrepreneurs are often nervous about approaching a competitor when looking to sell their company. This article explores some of the risks and benefits of involving a competitor.

Finding The Right Kind Of UK Business Broker To Sell Your Business

This article examines different types of business broker operating in the UK market and their different approaches to service and fees. It will help the reader pick the right kind of broker to sell their own company.

Is It Always A Good Idea To Pass the Family Business To The Children?

Passing on the family business to the children can be an emotional as much as a business decision – but is it always the right thing to do? This article explores some of the arguments for and against.

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