24 Hour Shopify Dropshipping Challenge (Winning Product)


Top 10 Tips for Internet Entrepreneurs

You’re thinking about taking that leap of faith and building a web-based business, joining the other 125 million entrepreneurs that populate today’s web. So you talk to some friends, you do a little research on site designers and maybe you even call one. Be sensible and take it slow. No need to jump in head first, right? But what do you sell? Products? Services? It might be products or it might be services – the web is all about selling. However, with 125 million web sites already live and 6,000 new launches daily, you might be a bit behind the curve.

Quick Effective Business Thinking

The ability to create effective thinking is one of the ultimate business senses that will determine the direction of your growth. How we learn to digest our thinking while setting-up a business is an important consciousness that demands a great analysis.

The Accidental Business – Part II – Solving the Unemployment Crisis

As a seminar speaker and presenter, I see people every week who are unemployed or underemployed, struggling to feed their families, wondering what will happen next. In this second part of The Accidental Business, I offer some thoughts taken from a conversation with a group of unemployed people who gather together each week to pray, share their struggles, and network. The “Thinking Stew” is a way to jump start creativity and help people dream again.

Four Tips for Starting Your New On-Line Business

My four tips for those considering a new on-line business are deceptively simple. Find a business you are passionate about. Spend time finding experts in the fields in which you lack knowledge. Create a budget and stick to it. If your business is not making you money despite the fact that you have thrown everything you have at it, quit.

3 Best Management and Recruiting Tips for Entrepreneurs

When I started my company, for the first few years I worked alone. I was used to a daily rhythm in which I would wake up early and sit in front of the computer in relative quiet and began to take pride in my self-reliant, autonomous nature.   Then, it came time to hire someone else.

Becoming A Nurse Entrepreneur

Most people know what they are passionate about at an early age. Young children who find themselves interested in medicine may go on to have careers in the discipline. In fact, becoming a nurse entrepreneur might be right up their alley. If they…

Maximizing Your Gift – Preparing Food

Everyone has a gift that they can make money from. Here is a guide to get you started if cooking is a gift and a passion of yours.

Strategies for Detracting Non-Ideal Clients

One of the common challenges that business owners face is getting past those I like to affectionately call “Pookie.” Pookie, quite simply, is anyone you know who is a non-ideal client. Hint: If they come into the business relationship expecting a discount or a hook up, they’re a Pookie. If they haggle with you on the price or make you a counter offer for your valuable product or service, they’re a Pookie. Call them what they are and be honest with yourself because we both know you don’t really want to work with anyone who doesn’t value the contribution you’re making to solve their problem, right?

Don’t Be Shy – Everyone Does It

The truth is that some people hide it and others flaunt it. But the fact is, everyone I have always met in life wants something much better for themselves.

Managing Metrics VS Achieving Results

The advances in technology, software and tracking tools in the last few years now enable business owners and managers to monitor more metrics and statistics than ever before. In many ways this has lead to developing more efficient business practises and systems, resulting in increased advertising effectiveness, ROI and profit margins.

Passion Persuades And Reels In Big Revenues

Some have said that ‘passion’ has become an overused word in business over the last couple of years. Though there is no question that having a true, burning passion for what you are doing is not only essential for building a lasting and profitable business, but also shines through to your customers and helps close deals.

Hobby Entrepreneurs Vs Committed Entrepreneurs

A bit of a rant today. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It rarely happens as fast as you want, or makes you the kind of money you want in that amount of time. Plus, it is a very convoluted, zigzag line starting where you are and going to where you want to be.

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