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Do You Avoid Keyword Research?

Keyword research makes writing your blog posts easier; plus keywords tell your reader exactly what your post is about; and they help the search engines find and index your posts. Ninety percent of bloggers struggle to get traffic to their sites. Why? Because they hurry past keyword research which is essential to building an online blogging business.

There Is No Scarcity – Only Opportunity

Run towards challenges – and not away from fear. One of the biggest reasons why I blog about small business, is to inspire people to become business owners and not workers or managers. But I mostly try to inspire young people, because it takes a few years to discover you passion and turn it into a recipe for profits.

Entrepreneurs – Why Is Mentoring Important for You?

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. There is no boss to report to. There is no one to set your metrics. A mentor is a sounding board who will help you at every step of your journey, not only with your professional targets but also in the umpteen personal battles that you fight within. A mentor is an expert who has been through the life cycle of an entrepreneur, and now can help you with his/her experience. A mentor is usually a serial entrepreneur who has built businesses and now is in a position to help you prevent making the same mistakes which he/she had made as an entrepreneur. This article will help you understand some of the positives of having a mentor, and how you can benefit from them.

Sally Hayson The Successful Business Woman

With no formal education, Sally was married at a young age. By the time she reached 27, Sally had 3 children and was running a fruit shop where she worked 18 hour shifts, seven days each week. Sally was determined to succeed in both business and motherhood.

Why Most Lawyers Simply Suck at Being Entrepreneurs (and What You Can Do About It For Yourself)

Most lawyers struggle with entrepreneurship because of the combination of factors that led us to law school in the first place and the way we are taught to think once we get to law school. While this is not universally true, most lawyers I know are perfectionists with tendencies towards control issues. We love to be right.

3 Tips That Help You Shine Like the Star You Are

Most people don’t like to talk about how good they are. It feels uncomfortable and unnecessary – it’s better to be modest and let other people decide if you’re any good at what you do, right? Wrong. It doesn’t work that way. People can only experience how good your service or product is AFTER they’ve purchased it. But they won’t purchase anything if they don’t trust it’ll be worth their investment. You have to tell and show them the value of your service or product – how else will they know it’s any good? Most people – especially women – find this difficult and unpleasant. It can feel like boasting. But it’s not. There’s really no need to brag or pump up your ego. You don’t have to make yourself bigger than you are – but you don’t have to make yourself smaller than you are either! Just show people the REAL you – INCLUDING your talents, your gifts, and the value you deliver.

Creating a Sustainable Business: The Four Critical Elements of a Business That Works

There are four important parts to a successful business. Management must invest and pay attention to all four of these elements or the business won’t survive. Read on to learn more about these factors and what you can do to make sure that your business is all that it can be.

Entrepreneurship and the Pursuit of Wealth For the Sake of Money

The other day, I was having a conversation with a very bright engineer about wealth, business, entrepreneurship, and the unit of trade we call; a dollar. Specifically, we addressed the issue from the standpoint that an entrepreneur’s bank account was only the scorecard or score board part of the equation, as when you provide goods or services, you can only get what something is intrinsically valued at, and by providing that need, want or desire you are doing a service to all of society.

A Practical Methodology for Mitigating Risk in Your Small Business

How time do you spend managing the risks that threaten your business? Traditional risk management processes have heretofore only been available to Large Enterprises. Discover a practical and affordable methodology that will help you identify and manage the risks your business is exposed to.

What Is Open-Source?

A common criticism levelled at Open-Source and Freeware is that it often offers a ‘dumbed down’ version of the main commercial software. To that I say ‘Who Cares’. If a freeware accounting system gets you through the first three years of your business you will have done well. At the end, when you go out on the market for commercial software you will have a much better idea of what you want from your package, and if you end up buying from the original source, well, well done them.

5 Key Benefits to Growing Your Wellness Business

There’s nothing more satisfying than working with clients over a long-period of time, developing a relationship with people whose lives you help improve, live the life-purpose you are meant to live, and get paid really well while you’re doing it. Isn’t that what YOU want, too? I bet it is.

Lessons Learned As An Entrepreneur – My Journey

Today, I would like to share with everyone my top 10 lessons learned as an entrepreneur over the past decade. While success is never guaranteed, people could increase their chances to win in business if these general guidelines are followed. It’s worked well for me in the past with multiple businesses and I’m hoping that it’ll also help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

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