10 Things I Learned From Getting 1,000,000 YouTube Subscribers


What Goes Into An Executive Summary Of a Solid Business Plan?

When trying to get funding for a new venture, everyone always seems to be asking for the so-called “Executive Summary.” What is this magical document? Why do some investors not even read your business plan if the executive summary doesn’t get their attention? And most importantly, what do you put in it and how do you make it good? This article explores these and more questions surrounding the executive summary of a solid business plan.

Measuring Market Size and Defining User Cases Is Crucial When Raising Money

Even with the greatest idea, somehow it seems impossible to either secure funding from investors or to even just introduce a new product into the market. This article discusses the idea of defining actual user cases and predicting target market size BEFORE spending a dime on production or trying to convince wealthy individuals to invest.

Three Olympian Lessons From Tessa Virtue!

“Are you spending any time watching the Winter Olympics?” I am committed to watching the Games on TV because it is like a ‘Master’s’ program in Excellence!! ‘These athletes give it all they’ve got – for an opportunity to reach for the Gold!” Watching and listening to these Olympians gives me inspiration and encouragement to continue to excel and grow my business.

How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business in the Right Location

A pool cleaning business seems to be an interesting endeavor for younger entrepreneurs. It is, however, not exactly as easy as putting up a pool cleaning services ad. Anyone interested should first learn how to start a pool cleaning business.

Recipe for a Successful Business Launch

Imagine staring at a table full of great mouth watering produce, fresh oven baked bread, herbs a plenty, local farm raised beef, chicken or fish, the best cooking equipment possible and perhaps a great bottle of wine or two. Your culinary vision includes creating a lightly spiced, yet full flavored appetizer followed by an entrée basked in flavors and aromas from hours of tedious preparation and then completing this extravaganza with a delectable dessert that leaves one satiated, yet wanting more. There is one small problem with this vision, you are an extremely successful entrepreneur,…

Haulage Business – The Top 3 Elements of Success

Any company that engages in delivery work needs to use the following three factors to their utmost advantage. Read on for these important tips.

Opportunities With Heavy Haulage – High-Risk But High-Reward Delivery Work

Delivery work that involves very heavy cargo entails a special kind of risk that haulage companies must appreciate. Here, we explain.

Entrepreneur – Building a MINDSET for Success

Building a MINDSET For Success. Creating a lifestyle of opportunity.

10 Power Moves For Every Smalll Business

Where is your small business at now? Do you have a charted plan? Do you get great advise? This article highlights 10 points that will assist the small business mindset of each and every business owner that reads it.

Why Fear Isn’t Holding You Back

Fear of failure is one of the most fundamental fears we face in life. Or is it? As Seth Godin wrote in his book Tribes, often fear of failure isn’t actually a fear at all, rather a fear of criticism, looking foolish or losing face in front of those whose approval and admiration we value. We are more afraid of being judged for our failure than of the failure itself.

Review How-To Videos Before Beginning An Endeavor

How-to videos are easier than reading step by step instructions. Review how-to videos before beginning a new business idea, such as being an ice cream vendor.

Top 3 Ways to Find Return Loads

Return loads are not hard to find if you know where to look for them. Here we give some valuable tips for busy haulers.

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