10 Steps For Creating Wealth (Even If You Have No Money)


Top 3 Reasons You Don’t Want to Become an Entrepreneur

Do you want to work for yourself? Do you know what it really takes? Here are Parker Little’s top 3 things you need to think about.

Unleash Your Inner Mogul: 14 Tips For Being A Success In Business

Have you ever wondered how successful business people make things happen; building strong businesses yet still having time for successful and fulfilling private lifestyles? What makes them able to sustain the pace, month after month, year after year?

African Business Entrepreneurship: Available Opportunities For Trade And Investments

Business culture is a set of non-material competences a company or individual has for resisting variability forced on it by changes in the broad market. In contrast to this, is a company’s success in coming up with new ways of reinforcing its culture in the face of perpetual change.

From Getting Ready to Where You Love to Be

Truly yearning for who you are designed to be is where this journey begins. 3 Tips on How to Go from Employee to Entrepreneur.

How to Be a Productive Employee or an Entrepreneur for Startups

It is in fact a challenge in recent times how to become a totally productive entrepreneur or an employee for that matter. The entrepreneur has too many things to put his focus on and thus ends up losing all his concentration on the priority objects. In the case of employees, they need to be guided in a way so that they can keep up with their productivity levels in all cases.

3 Steps to Build a Brand for Entrepreneurs Part 2

The first article in this series identified key steps to building a brand for entrepreneurs by recognizing the critical connection between the reputation of the entrepreneur and the business itself. At the critical early stage of business formation, launch and early market development, the development of the entrepreneur’s personal brand is integral to the brand of the business. As the business grows, takes on employees and begins to rely on others to develop and sustain the brand, or reputation, established by the entrepreneur, a broader perspective is required.

How Do You Apply Economical Business Growth Strategies?

As the owner of a new business, one of your major concerns is achieving growth with low or zero-cost strategies. Such strategies are: 1…

Change Your Ways to Succeed in Business

Do you think you have not reached your full potential in business? Don’t give up.

How to Establish Business Credit for Your New LLC

Planning to form an LLC? Here’s how to establish good business credit for your new company.

Entrepreneurial Thinking – Connect With Your Higher Business Potential

What separates those who look for, and grab opportunities from those who let life pass them by? Are you someone who would like to… but doesn’t get around to it? Are you the one who starts things and then finds it all too hard, or lets that little voice in your head tell you you can’t? Are you a go getter that gets things happening but then find you’re doing all the work and that’s not what you signed up for? Are you the ‘lucky’ one, the one people look toward and decide you must have had fortune on your side (you know the truth)? If you want to be successful in achieving your goals, or if you are ready to create change, read on.

Business: The Point of No Return

There comes a point in a business when you are all vested in and have no option but to make it work. For some that point comes at the beginning of the business, for others it may come towards the middle part where they have actually left a job or forsake other suitable or gainful employment for the sake of the business.

Your Expertise Is Valuable

Gaining expertise seems to be the order of the day. Various experts who can deliver reliable services or products are in great demand.

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