10 Self-Help Hacks For Improving Your Life


Where In The World Is Jerry

It was 3 o’clock in the morning, and I rolled over in bed to find Rob gone. I rolled over the other way to find all the lights on downstairs. I pulled out my earplugs and walked downstairs to find out why every light in the house was on; Rob was walking around with a flashlight in his hand tiptoeing around the kitchen.

Startup India: As It Happened

On 16th January 2016, the world witnessed probably the very first one-of-a-kind event dedicated to startups conducted by the Government of India. The event primarily aimed at revealing the Startup Action Plan of 2016 which basically eases up various challenges that startups had to face before.

It’s Still Business at the End of the Day

Don’t let people bring you to a place of negativity in your business dealings. You are a constant reflection of your business. At the end of the day, you are your business and your business is you.

Three Paths to Building a Business

I’ve discovered that there are three paths to building a business. I’ve been on all three at some point in my entrepreneurial journey.

Problems of the Healthcare Industry and a Paramount Necessity to Create Technology Driven Solutions

Although, we have seen an increase in the Public health expenditure and emergence of many health-tech startups in past couple of years, but the overall progress in improving the healthcare is still between average to poor.The sheer absurdity that 930 million Indians own cell phones, but the majority of them have no access to clean water is bizarre. Statistically, in order for our country to catch up to the standards of many developed countries, our country needs to shell out about as much as $50 billion just on hospital beds, and that’s just the beginning!

Worst Habit That Takes Away From Your Business

As solopreneurs, it’s very easy to become a work-a-holic, not feeling your work is ever done. Like any new approach, you’ll need to focus on what you’re doing and practice. After a short while, what you focused and practiced on will become habits that support you.

What Really Moves Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are not always self-employed, but they always seem truly impassioned. What moves them and how can we capitalize on this energy within the workplace?

Seven Nuggets I Learned About Entrepreneurship From My Clients

Here are seven golden nuggets that came out of recent conversations with my clients. See what lessons I learned from my clients!

6 Steps To Creating A Vision For Your Business

Winging Your Average Life.. I want you to look at that heading and really think about what it means and subsequently what it means for your online income.

How Women Power Can Add 2.4% to India’s GDP

Women are at the tipping point of entrepreneurship in India. Barring a few exceptions, women entrepreneurs in India are yet to be bracketed as role models and celebrities. But don’t be surprised if this changes fast. India is sitting at the cusp of a women entrepreneurship revolution. There is a growing list of trailblazers.

Crying Your Way to Success

Entrepreneurs are the creative consciousness of our world. What few understand however is the significance of their cry for more. It is what rallies the Universe to support them.

How to Do Business in the Correct and Right Way?

A simple definition of a company or an organization is “a business entity”. However, a registered entity or a company, apart from providing top service and great products, also has the onus to do business in the right way. We are not trying to be facetious here, we actually mean it.

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